RAT Membership



Young artists and curators are eligible to register for the RAT membership, no matter if a degree was already obtained or not. Send your CV with contact details to rat@ratschoolofart.com and you will be invited for an interview.


Registration Period

Spring Semester: 15 - 30 December / Fall Semester: 15 - 30 May

Late submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Membership Fee 850.000 KRW per semester



The program for members consists of a Reading & Discussion Seminar, Crit Sessions as well as workshops with visiting advisors (one-day faculty). Membership is open to any kind of creative practices.

Participants must be able to set own goals, work independently, engage in critical discussion and artistic research



Spring: 1 March - 15 June / Fall: 1 September - 15 December

Meetings: Wednesdays from 7.00 p.m. - 9.45 p.m.


Mijoo Park

Reading & Discussion Seminar (Korean)

Schedule: 4 seminars, biweekly

Mijoo Park is leading the Reading & Discussion seminar at RAT.

Previous books and texts include:“The Wretched of the Screen” by Hito Steyerl; “Inside the White Cube” by by Brian O’Doherty; “One Place after Another” by Miwon Kwon; “Contemporary Art: 1989 to the Present: A Roundtable Discussion Moderated by Alexander Dumbadze and Suzanne Hudson”; “Radicant” by Nicolas Bourriaud ; “A voyage on the North Sea” by Rosalind E. Krauss

Mijoo Park (*1987) is managing RAT school of ART and curated the exhibition of RAT member Bigo at Centre A in Vancouver in 2017. She participated in the 7th Gwangju Biennale International Curator Course (2016). She has been lecturing at Cheongju University and Hansung University, and was selected for curator program in the ARKO Creative Academy program(2017). In 2018 she got grant for curatorial course at Salzburg Summer Academy, curated and mediated exhibition "Omni-presence"(2018), "Downgrade"(2018), "Tracers"(2018). She is selected participants for Mountain School of Arts (MSA^) 2019 program and irregularly make a seminar reviewing exhibitions.


One-Day-Faculty Workshops (Korean)

RAT members decide collectively to invite Korean art practitioners for workshops/seminars and crit sessions. The events are moderated and hosted by the members themselves.

2019 Spring: Sylbee Kim, Buup, Seewon Hyun, Kelvin Kyung Kun Park,

Haegue Yang

2018 Fall: Soshoroom, Minuk Lim, Wonhwa Yoon

2018 Spring: Ayoung Kim, Seoyoung Chung, Kyucheol Ahn, Hunyee Jung, Sookyong Yee

2017 Fall: Hongsok Gim, Yong Eun Kim, Haeju Kim and Suki Seokyeong Kang.

2017 Spring: Kim Beom, Jewyo Rhee, Yong Ju Kwon, Kim Kulim, Heeseung Chung


Hyunjin Kim

Critical Studies for Contemporary Art and Portfolios Review (Korean)

Schedule: 4 sessions

In spring 2019 portfolio reviews will be held by Jewyo Rhii.

Introduction to various contemporary art practices with critical studies, focusing on art from the last thirty years.

Hyunjin Kim is a curator and writer, currently the KADIST Lead Curator for Asia and the curator for 2019 Korean Pavilion, Venice Biennale. She was a co-curator of 7th Gwangju Biennale (2008) and worked as Director for Arko Art Center, Seoul (2014-2015). Her curation includes 2 or 3 Tigers, HKW (Berlin 2017); Two Hours, Tina Kim Gallery (New York 2016); Tradition (Un)Realized, Arko Art Center (Seoul 2014); Plug-In#3-Undeclared Crowd, Van abbemuseum (Eindhoven, 2006) and so on. Kim also curated and wrote for the artists like Nina Canell, Nam Hwayeon, Haegue Yang, Jewyo Rhii and Seoyoung Chung, and commissioned performance/theater works by the artists like Sung Hwan Kim, siren eun young jung, Jewyo Rhii and so on. Kim was one of advisory for Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (2014-2016) and a jury member for DAAD artist residency, Berlin (2017-2018).


Dirk Fleischmann

Crit Sessions (English and Korean)

Schedule: 6 sessions

Dirk Fleischmann is offering group critique sessions. Each member gets two crits per semester. Subject of the critique is the artistic development of the members. The conversation reflects the progress, references and critical aspects of the individual artistic practice.

Dirk Fleischmann (*1974) is the founder of RAT school of ART. He is a painting professor at Chung-Ang University (Seoul) and taught classes as visiting professor at Lasalle College of the Arts (Singapore) and Emily Carr University (Vancouver.) Before that he had been working for 5 years as assistant to the director at the Städelschule art academy, Frankfurt.

Dirk Fleischmann has been exploring business structures and globalisation with his economic art projects. For example he runs myfashionindustries as a project about globally organized industrial production. Notably is the Made in North Korea project where he produced garments in the Kaesong Industrial Complex. He also maintains a reforestation project in the Philippines which was featured in ART & ECOLOGY NOW (Thames & Hudson, 2014).

He participated in various group exhibitions internationally such as Manifesta 4, Gwangju Design Biennale, 2011, Sharjah Art Foundation, 2012. Recent exhibitions included the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Centre Pompidou Metz and Seoul Media City Biennale. Solo exhibitions were held at the Bielefelder Kunstverein, Art Space Pool (Seoul) and Goethe Institut Belgrade (2018) among others.



Calendar of Events

03-01 RAT Talks #101 Ahmet Öğüt



12-08 Program Information Day

11-28 RAT Talks #100 Wonhwa Yoon

11-21 RAT Talks #99 Minouk Lim

11-10 RAT Talks #98 Baruch Gottlieb

11-07 RAT Talks #97 Soshoroom

10-14 RAT Talks #96 Richard Layzell

09-27 RAT Talks #95 Display Distribute

09-12 Crit Michelle Wong, Özge Ersoy,

08-26 RAT Talks #94 Hannes Brunner



06-12 RAT Talks #93 Sookyong Yee

05-30 RAT Talks #92 Hunyee Jung

05-25 RAT Program Information Day

05-23 RAT Talks #91 Seoyoung Chung

05-08 RAT Talks #90 Ahn Kyuchul

04-19 RAT at One AND J.+1 Bigo

04-03 RAT Talks #89 Hyunjin Kim

03-16 Group Crit Markus Weisbeck

03-13 RAT Talks #88 Ayoung Kim

03-09 RAT Talks #87 HazMatLab


12-16 Program Information Day

12-09 RAT Talks #86 Suki Seokyeong Kang

12-02 Unlimited Edition #9

11-25 RAT Talks #85 Bigo

10-28 RAT Talks #84 Silas Fong

10-17 RAT at One AND J.+1 Sun-young Huh

10-14 RAT Talks #83 Haeju Kim

10-07 RAT Talks #82 Young Eun Kim

09-26 RAT Talks #81 Tim Eitel

09-16 RAT at One AND J.+1 Heewoong Jin

09-16 RAT Talks #80 David Helbich

09-09 RAT Talks #79 Gimhongsok



06-10 RAT Talks #78 Vanessa Kwan

06-03 RAT Program Information Day

05-27 RAT Talks #77 Alex Verhaest

05-20 Studio Crit Hyunjin Kim

05-13 RAT Talks #76 Elisa Strinna

05-06 RAT Lab #08 Koon Kwon

05-04 RAT Talks #75 Peter Fischli Class

04-29 RAT Talks #74 Grace Weir

04-22 RAT Talks #73 Jinhan Ko

04-15 RAT Talks #72 Kim Beom

04-08 RAT Talks #71 Jewyo Rhee

04-01 RAT Talks #70 Cho Hyejeong

03-25 RAT Talks #69 Yong Ju Kwon

03-18 RAT Talks #68 Travis Jeppesen

03-11 RAT Talks #67 Kim Kulim

03-04 RAT Talks #66 Peter Gahn

02-18 Studio Crit Philippe Pirotte



12-17 RAT Lab #07 Soo

12-10 RAT Talks #65 Jonas Kasper Jensen

11-26 RAT Lab #06 Bigo Song

11-19 RAT Talks #64 Elliot Woods

11-12 RAT Talks #63 Inhan Cho

11-05 RAT Talks #62 Ingela Ihrman

10-29 RAT Talks #61 Daniel Stempfer

10-23 RAT Talks #60 Jason Waite

10-22 RAT Talks #59 Heeseung Chung

10-15 RAT Program Information Day

10-08 RAT Talks #58 Swetlana Heger

10-01 RAT Talks #57 G.Hellberg & F.Maak

09-30 RAT Talks #56 Gregor Hildebrandt

09-24 RAT Talks #55 Bernd Krauß

09-23 RAT Talks #54 Markus Weisbeck

09-10 RAT Talks #53 Kristina Scepanski

09-05 RAT Talks #52 Nadia Belerique

08-27 RAT Lab #05 Hyelim Cha



06-25 RAT Lab #04 Alex Grünenfelder

06-18 RAT Talks #51 C. Ree & R. Estrada

06-14 RAT Talks #50 Margarida Mendes

06-11 RAT Talks #49 Bik Van der Pol

06-10 Screening Rebecca Ann Tess Class

06-04 RAT Talks #48 Siren Eun Young Jung

05-28 RAT Talks #47 Yunjoo Kwak

05-24 RAT Talks #46 Claire Barclay

05-21 RAT Lab #03 Jaewon Kang

05-16 RAT Talks #45 Tommy Støckel

05-14 Noise After Noise

05-07 RAT Talks #44 Saâdane Afif

04-30 RAT Talks #43 Ksenia Galiaeva

04-23 RAT Talks #42 Ruth Buchanan

04-18 RAT Talks #41 Fernando García-Dory

04-16 RAT Reception

04-09 RAT Talks #40 Alex Grünenfelder

04-04 RAT Talks #39 Julia Sarisetiati

04-02 RAT Lab #02 Chan Min Jeong

03-20 RAT Talks #38 Byungseo Yoo

03-19 RAT Talks #37 Kati Kivinen

03-12 RAT Talks #36 Morgan Wong

03-12 RAT Talks #35 Onejoon Che

03-05 RAT Talks #34 You Mi

02-27 RAT Talks #33 Soo

02-12 RAT Talks #32 Vad Hahn

01-20 RAT Talks #31 Céline Condorelli



12-26 RAT Talks #30 Tuấn Mami

12-19 RAT Talks #29 Kyong Park

12-12 Screening Rebecca Ann Tess Class

12-05 RAT Talks #28 Fabian Schöneich

11-28 RAT LAB #01 Sam Chang

11-21 RAT Talks #27 Seulgi Lee

10-24 RAT Talks #26 Centre A

10-03 RAT Talks #25 Michiel Hilbrink

09-19 RAT Talks #24 Simon Speiser

09-15 RAT Talks #23 Hyunjin Kim

09-12 RAT Talks #22 Philippe Pirotte

09-10 RAT Talks #21 Tobias Rehberger

09-05 RAT Talks #20 Heidi Ballet

08-29 Workshop Yasmine Ostendorf

08-22 RAT Talks #19 Raimundas Malašauskas



06-13 RAT Talks #18 Byungseo Yoo

06-06 RAT Talks #17 M.-P. Aschenbrenner

05-30 RAT Talks #16 Young Joo Lee

05-23 Open Doors

05-16 Screening Sook Hyun Kim

05-09 RAT Talks #15 Hye Jin Moon

05-02 RAT Talks #14 Christoph Esser


04-18 RAT Talks #13 Kelvin Kyung Kun Park

04-11 RAT Talks #12 Arjuna Neuman


03-28 Listen In Silence

03-21(잘)못된 파티 Karo Park

03-14 RAT Talks #11 Flo Maak

03-07 Non Fiction Diary Yoon-Suk Jung



12-20 Introduction Event

12-13 RAT Talks #10 Kyong Park

12-06 RAT Talks #09 Jinhan Ko

11-29 RAT Talks #08 Gregory Bae

11-22 RAT Talks #07 Heide Hinrichs

11-19 Exhibition

11-13 RAT Talks #06 Christian Hiller

11-08 Screening FACES

10-25 RAT Talks #05 Rebecca Ann Tess

10-18 RAT Talks #04 IC-98

10-13 Screening SAFE

10-08 RAT Talks #03 Adele Tan

10-02 RAT Talks #02 Simon Boudvin

09-27 Screening Guy Debord

09-20 RAT Talks #01 Hyun A Cho

09-13 Screening THE MISFITS

09-05 Opening Party

08-26 Studio Critique Antoni Muntadas